Stainless Steel Wire Rope(EN 12385 4) 6x36 IWRC (AISI 316)

  • 6x36 IWRC Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire Rope | Marine Grade

    6x36 is the most flexible of our stainless steel wire ropes. Available in much larger diameters, 6x36 stainless steel wire ropes are often used for larger diameter stainless steel slings as well as for general engineering applications. The wire rope has an equal lay construction (warrington seale) and achieves a superior


    186 wires. 6x31 SEALE - IWRC. Right regular lay. Cod. 54.140. Left regular lay. Cod. 54.147. Bright steel - Class 6x36 - IWRC. EN 12385/4 - Rope grade 1770 N/mm2

  • Stainless steel ropes – Our experts are happy to advise you!

    Or if a stainless steel thimble is to be fitted at the end of the rope, then a softer 7x7, 7x19 or even 6x36+SES construction type is recommendable. Should you wish to The 7 x 7 rustproof stainless steel wire rope (material AISI 316) is manufactured in accordance with EN 12385-4:2002 (formerly DIN 3055). It boasts medium

  • TECI: S9-S10-S11

    210 wires, 216 wires, 246 wires. 6x35 WARRINGTON IWRC, 6x36 WARRINGTON IWRC, 6x41 WARRINGTON IWRC. Right regular lay, Right / Left regular lay, Right / Left regular lay. Bright steel, Bright steel, Bright steel. EN 12385/4. Rope grade 1770 N/mm2, EN 12385/4. Rope grade 1960 N/mm2, EN 12385/4

  • Wire Rope - Maximum Center LTD

    1x19 Steel Wire Rope HDG · 6X7+FC Steel Wire Rope HDG · 6X19+FC Steel Wire Rope HDG · 19X7 Non-Rotating Steel Wire Rope HDG · 6X36+IWRC Steel Wire Rope HDG · 6X37+FC Steel Wire Rope HDG · 7X7 Steel Wire Rope HDG with PVC · 1X19 Stainless Steel Wire Rope AISI316 · 7X7 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

  • TECI: S10ALC

    114 wires, 150 wires, 216 wires. 6xK19 SEALE - IWRC, 6xK25 FILLER - IWRC, 6xK36. WARRINGTON SEALE - IWRC. Bright steel compacted strands. Class 6x19, Bright steel compacted strands. Class 6x19, Bright steel compacted strands. Class 6x36. EN 12385/4. Rope grade 1960 N/mm2 e 2160 N/mm2, EN 12385/4

  • Stålwirer Steel wire ropes Rustfri Stainless - Fyns Kran Udstyr

    8. okt 2012 More than 1 .000 products in one place . Buy online on: 2-4. Stålwirer & tilbehør / Steel wire ropeS & fittingS. Stålwirer, kabelslåede. 7 x 7 x 7, .. EN 12385 . Min . materialebrudstyrke: Ca . 160 kp/mm2. = 1570 N/mm2 . Trådkvalitet: AISI 316 . wire ropes, stainless steel. 6 x 36/WS + IWRC.

  • TECI: S9AR-S10AR-S11AR

    The highest tensile strength offers a highest breaking load of the rope. S9AR, S10AR, S11AR. 210 wires, 216 wires, 246 wires Class 6x36 - IWRC, High resistance bright steel. Class 6x36 - IWRC. EN 12385/4. Rope grade 2160 N/mm2, EN 12385/4. Rope grade 2160 N/mm2, EN 12385/4. Rope grade 2160 N/mm2. Cod.

  • 6x36 IWRC Wire Rope | Galvanised Wire Ropes - SWR Steel Wire

    6x36 is a flexible general engineering wire rope readily available in galvanised, ungalvanised and marine grade stainless steel. The wire rope A 6x36 wire rope is available with either FC (fibre core) or IWRC (independent wire rope core) and is used for a wide range of applications, examples of which are shown below:.

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