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EastAsiaMetal is a large-scale production and trading company integrating stainless steel sheet, coil,pipe, bar, wire and deep processing of surface treatment, stainless steel models are: 304, 316L, 201, 310S, 430, 420J2 and other varieties, the products are complete, the price is reasonable.

Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate

Two types of hot and cold rolled, including thin plates with a thickness of 0.5.10-885 mm and 72938 and a plate with a thickness of 4.5 to 100 mm.

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Stainless Steel Coil/Strip

Product specifications complete, high dimensional accuracy, up to ± 0.1mm; surface quality, brightness is good, can be non-calibration to do.

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Stainless Steel Tube/Pipe

The company stainless steel with material, complete specifications, price concessions, to provide proof of stainless steel material, SGS report.

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Stainless Steel Bar

Ф1.0MM above 250mm below the size (diameter, side length, thickness or edge distance) is not greater than 250mm hot rolled and forged stainless steel rod.

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What are the difficulties of stainless steel plate processing?

1. Cutting force is large, the cutting temperature is high: the strength of the stainless steel plate material is large, the tangential stress is large at the cutting time, the plastic deformation is large, so the cutting force is large, the thermal conductivity is poor, causing the cutting temperature to rise, and the high temperature is often concentrated near the cutting edge Of the narrow area, thus accelerating the wear of the tool;

2. Easy sticks: the existence of processing chip toughness, cutting temperature is very high characteristics, when the tough chips flow through the rake face, will produce bonding, welding and other sticky knife phenomenon, affecting the processing parts surface roughness ;

3. Tool wear to speed up: generally with high melting point elements, plastic, high cutting temperature, so that tool wear to speed up, sharpening, frequent tool change, thus affecting the production efficiency and improve the use of tool costs.

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